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Empowering Humans And Machines With Location-based Intelligence Services (LBIS)


Location AI Technology was founded by a team with multi-disciplinary talents including positioning technology, building and construction management, sustainable technology and artificial intelligence. In 2020, Locision Technology Ltd was reorganised into Location AI Technology Ltd. The company's organisational restructuring made use of the team's expertise in dynamic resource optimization and location-based artificial intelligence.



Location AI Technology envisions developing a location based artificial intelligence platform to empower new internet of things (IoT) products and robotic intelligence services for use in industrial and smart city applications.


We aim at opening "The Great Indoors: the final frontier for digital navigation" with our hybrid location based intelligence, IoT, and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as developing game-changing low-cost products and services.

Everything is on cloud

We provide a web-based platform for our positioning service, which supports mobile apps and API calls.

Indoor Positioning & Motion Sensing Fall Tracker

Hybrid cloud-based and edge-end algorithms enables IoT devices with simultaneous detection of indoor location and fall motion.

Magnetic Field Wi-fi Fingerprint Indoor Positioning

Requires no extra hardware infrastructure and installation free.

Fast deployment

Software based solution allows fast and low-cost deployment. 

Are you ready to use geo-reference data for your business?

With our world first indoor GIS-based technology and Geo-location specified data infrastructure, we provide well-proven game changing map-based business models at a low cost with our innovative products and services. 

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