We Trace We Care

Every business process and user experience can be enhanced by exploiting the location of participating people or objects.   

Let your data to be geo-referenced

We are a “Location As A Service” (LAAS) company with technologies across the entire location supply chain including hardware devices, connectivity, cloud resources, data analytics, data privacy and security, service fulfillment and assurance policy.

Everything is on Cloud

We provide web based platform for our positioning service, which supports mobile apps and API calls as well

Wifi Fingerprint

Installation free infrastructure


Sensor fusion tracking device with wireless charging long life battery, also enabled IoT or sensor integration 

Fast deployment

Installation free infrastructure allows fast and low cost deployment 

Our Mission

Develop core technology for continuous indoor environment and activities data collection and analysis at the lowest possible installation cost. 


Led and create an ecosystem to build solutions using our core technology to solve specific pain point and improve end to end customer experience and operation efficiency.

Are You Ready Geo-reference  Your Business?

With our world first indoor GIS-based technology and Geo-location specified database, we provide well-proven map-based business model with game changing low cost and innovated services.