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Are you ready to use geo-reference data for your business?


GeoMove AI Indoor Fall Tracker

The GeoMove tracker is a smart wearable IoT device with indoor and outdoor positioning capacity based on a hybrid magnetic and Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology. Its core value is that it can have a positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters without adding any extra infrastructure to the existing router network. It can also simultaneously capture any abnormal motion of the person or machine wearing the device. The system also can integrate with other sensors for environmental sensing and health-related monitoring, which embeds these data with an exact location.

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VizHub Smart Building Health Model

VizHub is a semantic visualisation and IoT system that allows users to establish a 3D databank of visual points of interest (PoI) in a building (360° images) and integrates any kind of sensor data into the system. This is built on top of a global indoor map system with precise and accurate location information and equipped with indoor positioning embedded mobile sensors (such as for air quality, environmental hygiene, and energy management sensors) for various applications including the environment, social, and governance (ESG) monitoring purposes.


The system not only provides a base for analysis and decision-making for facility management but also facilitates front-end applications, such as process management when synchronised with a building information model (BIM).

product 3.png

Synchronisation of VizHub with a BIM for construction process monitoring and an environmental sensor.

Waste Transport Optimization System

Locision (Location, Precision, and Decision) is a cloud-based dynamic route planning and resource optimization system that enables enterprises to achieve optimal performance, process, and operational efficiency.


The system allows full tracking of waste from source to disposal as well as the flow of data among the governance authority, enterprises, and the green finance sector. The system includes the e-bin and smart devices for data acquisition and handling paperless job dispatching and reporting processes.

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