Get ready to have geo-reference data for your business?

Our Services


We provide installation free infrastructure and low cost positioning devices.

Building Model

we offer unique 3D digital map + 360° image visualization of indoor environment

Smart Mobile sensors

We provide varieties of Smart Mobile sensors. The smart mobile sensors built-in Lithium rechargeable battery and support Wifi connection, all data collected are georeferenced with unique data hierarchy, which is perfectly using for data analytic and Ai processing, especially for multi-locations company and organization.

product 3.png

Our Smart Building platform allows all kinds of IoT sensors to be integrated in a single sources of databank, all IoT data will be Geo-referenced and makes AI much more smarter and data be more reliable

Logistics Optimization System 

With our unique logistic optimization algorithm, we provide a cloud based platform for Recycle industry a best solution on routing, tracking, resources optimization and waste measurement. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

  • Team up with different hardware manufacturer, Environmental consultancy and partners in the ecosystem to develop tracking and optimization solution.

  • Enable solution provider or AI partner to utilize geographical / spatial data