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GeoMove AI Indoor Fall Tracker

The GeoMove tracker is a smart wearable IoT device with indoor and outdoor positioning capacity based on hybrid magnetic and Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology. Its core value is that it can have a positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters without adding extra infrastructure to the existing router network. It can also simultaneously capture any abnormal motion of the person or machine with the device. The system also can integrate with other sensors for environmental sensing and health-related monitoring, which embeds these data with an exact location.

GeoMove Tracker and its wearable IoT application


With Wi-Fi and Location Ai AP socket only

Handy Design

Handy robust design

cloud-based platform

Ready made cloud-based platform and data centered API


Configurable SMS alert and geofencing function

Extendable features

Various options of sensors can be integrate into GeoMove e.g. Fall detection and air quality. 

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