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Smart Kitchen Waste Management



To achieve effective resource recovery (used oils for example) and sustainable treatment of the commercial kitchen waste generated from food-related locations such as hotels, restaurants, shops, and residential homes a waste management system is essential. Water-based waste is required by the governments to be collected by registered operators and to be transported to central treatment facilities (usually bio-fuel manufacturers) for processing and treatment. The whole process needs to be monitored online by the relevant authorities. Such processes are costly and can account for significant amounts of the cost of bio-fuel production.  


Our Locision system comprises IoT modulus (e-bin, smart device for truck safety monitoring and oil consumption, CCTV, etc.). It uses cloud-based CRM, and location-based dynamic route optimization algorithms. It fulfils the needs of online tracing and tracking of waste, safety, and human resource management. Our system achieves the optimal operational efficiency of the collection vehicle fleets. The system has been adopted in the Nanhai District of Foshan City, Zhangzhou City, Mudanjiang City, and Hong Kong.


The application of Locision system for Smart Kitchen Waste Management in the Grandblue Environment Group in Nanhai District of Foshan City.

Waste System2.png

Locision’s dynamic optimization engine for Smart Kitchen Waste Management

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